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We have built a reputation for being able to deliver bespoke catering experiences that not only cater to all dietaries, but are also a very special experience!

We offer individual meals, full grazing set ups, DIY breakfast spreads, lunch and dinner station and meal subscriptions for workplaces. Whether it's a staff lunch or a main event, we work with you to curate the best experience for you and your team. 


Our Menu

VIBE-marbleback (1).jpg
VIBE-marbleback (1).jpg


$17 per head, for any selection of platter you would like, you can have a number of selections. 

4 people minimum per platter. 



Hot Grill Summer Platter 

Mood Food Platter 

The Champ Platter

Shine Bright Platter

HeartBeet Platter

Mixed wraps platter

Mixed Bagel Platter 

Individual bowls


Have a look through our menu and choose individual bowls. Each bowl with personal labels, including name of bowl and individual.


Event Set ups

FullSizeRender (1).heic
IMG_6913 (1).HEIC

We are here to make your event dreams come true. 

Our event set ups can be customised how ever you would like, we want to create your event desires.

Event set up include:

• grazing boards

• Fruit and treat arrangements 

• DIY Breakfast Spreads

• Wrap assortments 

• Slider assortment 

• Bagel assortment 

For further information about event set ups contact us at

Do you need extra special treats to go with your catering or event? Find our Vibe Catering menu and discover our cakes, cookies, donuts and churros. 

Vibe Catering Co.

Our Menu

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