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Our food is always refined
sugar free, free from chemical
preservatives, free from vegetable
oils and fats.

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We are Beth & Michael Lane, and we proudly own and
operate Vibe Wholefoods.

As parents of two young children, and small business
owners, we believe that nutrition lays the foundations
for a healthy and happy life - for everyone. Our
mission is to be able to provide you with this type of
nutrition in all dining occasions (breakfast, lunch,
dinner and snacks!), in an accessible and welcoming
environment, in places where you work and live.

We choose to place ourselves in food courts in
order to give you the option of fast food without
compromising on health, sustainability and
preference or dietary requirements.

We are proud to offer a menu that is free from refined sugar and vegetable oils. Creating our menu in-house means we can be inclusive of as many dietary requirements as possible.

At Vibe Wholefoods, we believe that food should
make you feel good - whether you are on a work
lunch break, catching up with friends or just grabbing
a coffee, well serve up real, wholesome food that
makes you feel awesome, every time.

Beth & Micheal

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